Mariposa Project

Breonna McCree

Mariposa Health Educator

I have been working in the community since the late 90s. I started off volunteering at different agencies and have served on several planning committees in and around the Bay Area including the East Bay Community Recovery Project, SMAAC Youth Center, Walden House, and Alameda County Department of Public Health. I have assisted in creating curriculums and community building for one of the first transgender research projects at UCSF/CAPS with Joanne Keatley. Additionally, I have helped create and implement programs for transgender women, as they are one of the most mistreated, marginalized and underserved at-risk populations. I have also helped start one of the first support groups for transgender women of color in the East Bay through AIDS Project of the East Bay called the Butter Fly Project. I am currently working with the Public Health Institute on a program called the Mariposa Project under the supervision of Dr Tooru Nemoto. The program is geared towards transgender youth using motivational interviewing techniques. I attend the Church of God and Christ and Refuge ministries from time to time. International quote: “Some times love fades but hope is everlasting”

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